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Calling all VBA programmers...

Hello All,

I need some help with two situations. I work in Access 2003 in a hospital research environment.

I am trying to have a command button on a data entry form (with several subforms) that will allow the user to Lock and Unlock ALL the fields from data entry (with the exception of the command button, of course), instead of writing code for each element individually. I will need to use this on about 20 or so other forms, for individual research studies.

I am also trying to have a command button that will allow the user to specify where to save an excel export, kind of like a Save As pop-up, but I don't want the user to specify the file name, as it is something I want the code to define. (I have the file name already specified as the UserID and Timestamp)

Any help will be GREATLY appreciated!
Thanks in advance!!!
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