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Image help

Hello All... 

I'm working on an Engineering database which requires the part image be brought into the database. They only have jpegs, which is fine. They'd prefer it as pdfs, but I haven't been able to figure that part out.

In short, the user needs to be able to add the part image as parts are entered into the system.
They also need to be able to update the image and identify that there's been a revision.

This is a database that I will not be maintaining on a regular basis.

My question: I have a template that gives me a few options in bringing the image in - BLOBs and OLEs. Is one better than the other? I'm clueless at this stage, travelling new territory with this project. HELP!!! :)

Thanks in advance
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Is this Oracle? SQL Server? DB2? Access? MySQL? PostGreSQL? Paradox?

And what sort of template?
Sorry - Access.

I guess it is northwind. I mentioned to someone last week that I needed to bring images in - and he gave me a template to review.
Would the template be an Access form, then?
The template is in access.

I am given 3 options for bringing images in -
Images as BLOBs
Images as External Files
Images as OLEs.

The user wants the images visible on the data entry form, with the ability to replace existing images with revised ones and print the latest version of that image (the only one that needs to be stored in the database) on reports.

I just don't know which path to pursue - BLOBs or OLEs.

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That link was very helpful - thank you!